Thank you Buena Vista Social Club!!!

 For those of you who visited Roots Gourmet Yesterday for “Whet your Palette Wednesday”, you probably heard us raving about how excited we were for preparing to attend the “Buena Vista Social Club” musical performance later that night.

If you didn’t notice, that was the music you were hearing throughout the day;)

Hearing this kind of music has always moved us but watching them perform last night was beyond special because it reminded us of what our underlying mission was for the Roots Gourmet family.

During the evening performance, Buena Vista Social Club  reminded us of the rich history they posses from their life experiences, and it’s because of this history, that their music is represented as being a purely genuine passionate form of self-expression. I feel this is what inspires us the most in how Roots Gourmet attempts to relate to the Long Beach community.

Our dream is to use Roots Gourmet as a medium to express what inspires us. By using OUR history and life lessons, we want to show you what we now value! Passion, family, exploring the senses, having a sense of purpose, wine, good coffee and food! This is what makes us happy, and we want to spend everyday sharing that with you!

Thank you Buena Vista Social Club for inspiring and reminding us of what’s most important in life!!!!

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