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So as I sat waiting for my Mexican Mayan Mocha, I was reading an interesting article about a conversation Leo Babauta had with A famous zen master( Susan O’connell). After their discussion he suggested that they should have tea sometime. According to him, Susan O’connell quickyly went to her bag and pulled out her paper calendar, and suggested that they should set a date right then and there.

Leo responded with “No, you’re busy, we can set a date later.” She said she tries to only deal with something once.

It’s an old-fashioned piece of productivity advice, and something that I’ve been attempting to do.

Deal with something once. Do it now. Then it’s off your mind, and you can fully focus on the next matter.

As I attempt to register the significance of this conversation, I can’t help but ask .

How often do we put things off?

Can you relate?

Maybe you have a voice mail and a few missed calls on your cell. How often do you tell yourself that you will get to those later. Possibly your oil needs changing or a lamp needs a new bulb. The question is, are we allowing these tiny, seemingly insignificant little tasks to build up to the point that they keep us from focusing on what’s truly important?

As we put them aside they tend to hold our attention at least subconsciously in the back of our minds, robbing us of the power of the moment!

Well here is a little productivity tip from Roots!

These little tasks that you have been putting off, deal with them now.

Act now, get them out of the way so you can apply your focus on what truly matters the most to you! If you have 3 missed calls. Return them immediately. A stack of emails? Set a specified time table to answer them so they no longer distract you. A burnt out light bulb? Well replace it. If you need to buy one make a note to get one later that day. The trick is to condition yourself to take daily immediate action.

You’ll feel better!

David Allen is known for calling this exercise the two minute rule. I’m not nesasarrily suggesting that you take it this far. Possibly 5-10 minutes. The goal here is to give yourself one less thing to worry about.

What this means essentially is that you are able to deal with each thing in the moment. Your mind isn’t pulled in a thousand different directions.

After reading about this, I have attempted to take action with things that need to be done in the present moment. For the most part I have done a fairly good job. I’m far from perfect but most of the things that I put off are because I don’t have the means to do them immediately.

Take a look at what things have been bothering you. Little tasks that you can compete now. Will finishing them today make you feel more connected with the present moment? Have a clearer mind?

Tell me your experiences!

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