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“A Painting is transcendence through beauty, passion, joy and truth.  Painting is my way of responding to my world in the most intimate way.  Moments of awe, gratitude, pain, wonder and love allow my spirit to soar through art.”                                            
- Eli Lund 
As you know, here at roots gourmet, we have set the intention from the beginning to promote all things “community“. Apart from interacting within the city of Long beach, we have found that helping to promote local artists to inspire others to do the same- to be just as rewarding.

Eli Lund was bron in San Jose, Costa Rica. Eli spent majority of her younger years in Villa Colon. A small pueblo surrounded by majestic hills within a lush rain forest.

Spending many years in New Orleans has been a highly influential experience as it helped cultivate an interest and then eventual passion for art and culture.

Here paintings, can be charaterised by spontaneous, spirited, and virile brush works and colors which is why we have enjoyed featuring her work here at Roots Gourmet!!!

Eli is now a Long Beach Resident and has sold many paintings within Southern California. Visit Roots and see just exactly what we are talking about! 
 Here main site can be found here as well!
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