The “Roots of Mother earth

Staying Connected to the “Roots” of Mother Earth

Thanks to Norma Chavez, a co-owner, Roots Gourmet isn’t just a means for the Latina owners to stay connected to their cultural roots. It’s also an opportunity to help patrons and employees re-connect with the roots of Mother Earth. This is accomplished through dedicated environmentally friendly practices. With an enormous family and colossal piles of napkins and cups left behind from social gatherings, Norma viewed recycling as eminent. She has made all three of her children recycle since they were old enough to do so. She has grown much of her own food for cooking at home and practices composting. With a deep love and respect for nature, Norma also requires environmental responsibility at Roots Gourmet.

Current Environmentally Friendly Practices

Local, sustainable and organic farming practices are supported whenever possible.
Silver spoons are used rather than disposable wooden stir sticks.
For-here water and coffee cups are available and encouraged.
Customers receive 10% off if they ride their bike to Roots Gourmet or bring their own mug.
Our patio has beautiful sustainable potted plants created by Sassy’s Sustainable Gardens, a local mother and daughter business.
Everything that can be recycled is.
We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
All of our coffee and tea is organic and fair trade.
All of our staff is trained to use water conservation.
Our natural waste is composted and donated to local gardeners.

Coming Soon
All dry goods, including to go cups, will be compostable.
We will be getting a bike rack to further help encourage bicycling to Roots Gourmet.
We will be regularly volunteering at beach clean-ups.

We welcome all suggestions for environmentally friendly practices. Please call us at 562-795-7668 (ROOT) or email us at if you would like free compost for your garden or share to ideas.