A sense of comunity

Fostering a Sense of Community

 The Latina owners of Roots come from a gregarious culture where friends and family are truly cherished. Unlike most establishments, Norma and Dalet are always present at their family owned business to greet customers and ask them how things are going.

After only three weeks from opening, the mother and daughter team already knew their customer’s names and stories. They speak to patrons like they’re old friends. “We genuinely care about what they’re doing and how their families are,” says Dalet.

Although Norma and Dalet know people come back for the food, they believe they also come back to chat with them.

In the Mexican culture, the kitchen is the nerve center for social gatherings, and the food produced acts as the glue that bonds family and friends together. The twosome wanted to instill this concept into their business practices. They strive to create an eatery that is more than just a restaurant – rather, a haven for camaraderie, with its lighthearted laughter and energetic banter – a close-knit fellowship of sorts. This is how communities should be based – around exceptional authentic food.