The origins of our menus

Owners Dalet Hamby and Norma Chavez, a Latina mother and daughter duo, have created a prolific culinary concept. They have integrated the flavors of the old world with the new. It was Dalet, a former competitive figure skater, who realized that had she consumed a healthier, cleaner diet, she may have received better results from her training and career. Upon moving back to Southern California after living on the East Coast, she decided to change her diet to vegetarian and gluten free.

This was quite an about-face, considering that she grew up eating her family’s Mexican cooking, which was predominantly made using meat and often cooked with unhealthy ingredients. Norma, being a former gymnast, and rather active herself, was open to her daughter’s new way of eating. The two spent time in the kitchen together tasting, laughing, gossiping and altering family recipes. The twosome succeeded in celebrating the more healthy aspects of their cuisine, and in improving upon some of the traits that weren’t conducive to their active lifestyle. This resulted in traditional fare like tamales, once made with pork lard, being cooked in nothing but healthy vegetable oil.

With a deep fervor for gastronomy, they have made it their mission to offer healthy homemade fare without compromising the provocative flavors of their roots. With recipes passed down from four generations, delectable influences from Spain, Cuba, Argentina, Columbia and Brazil, and fresh, often organic and mostly locally sourced food, a viable menu spurred by heart, passion and good health was created.